Pennington County Historical Society:
More than Preservation of County History

Visit us again and again to sample the multitude of activities sponsored at
Pioneer Village during the summer season.

Here are just some of the activities we have sponsored

Nite to Unite (aka National Night Out)

If you’ve never visited the Pioneer Village Museum before, this is the night to go! Music, dancing, great food, and a chance to participate in an annual event which will give you and your family an opportunity to get acquainted with the men and women who serve the safety needs of this community. Firefighters, police, emergency personnel, and city officials work hard all year to provide protection in the areas of health and home safety, as well as crime prevention. Nite to Unite is an occasion to strengthen the partnership with citizens. Come and show your commitment to a safe, healthy community and enjoy yourself in the bargain! Everyone benefits from the results of this event, except the criminals!

Library Summer Reading Program

The museum grounds are available, in partnership with the Thief River Falls Public Library and area school districts, for special events for children. One great example is the library’s Summer Reading Program, with games, treats, tours, music, and handicraft projects. Summer Reading, which has a different theme each year, is a fun way to help elementary school-age young people practice reading skills while school is not in session. The Pennington County Historical Society is proud to be a part of an event that helps local students to be ready to return to school in the fall, “ready to learn and ready to succeed”.

Pennington County Fair and Parade

For well over 100 years now, an annual County Fair has been held in Thief River Falls. It's often a regular part of the Pennington County Historical Society’s summer activities to take part in the annual parade for the county fair and let people know about the exciting and fun-filled events held at the Museum!

Girl Scouts

One of the enjoyable events for local young women in the Girl Scouting program is a visit to the Pioneer Village Museum where they can learn a little about history and enjoy a social summer afternoon or evening of fun and games!

Latch Key Summer Program

Many of the community’s children, who are involved in Latch Key, spend a day or two each summer at Pioneer Village. Games, music, handicrafts, and more are available for these young people in an atmosphere which also teaches them a bit about local history!

Family Fun Night

Kids welcome! Historical relics to see and examine! Scenes from the past in log cabins that were once homes for area families, like yours! Games and fun and more! Maybe you parents will be able to tell your children about some of the exhibits . . . or maybe, since the Village entertains several local school classes each year, your children will be able to tell you about them!

Pioneer Fun Days

This is a unique opportunity for visitors, young and old, to visit the Museum and be entertained by hosts and hostesses in period dress, who explain their adopted roles as the stationmaster at the Soo Depot, a housewife in a log cabin, the teacher in the Little Oak School, a trapper with an exhibit of furs and pelts, or the lady of the house in a Victorian-style home from the nineteenth century. The cast is made up of local residents, who grew up in this community and can relate its history with confidence!

Local Weddings

Every year a few local couples choose to say their vows in the midst of an authentic historical setting: at the altar of the Asphult Church of our Pioneer Village. It is an honor for the Pennington County Historical Society to be a part of these events and to host these occasions, which combine family unity with a wish and a prayer for the future.